Porsche Boxster
No idea. Actually, I wanted to try making a tire. After I made the tires I added the rims. But, as you can see I made whole thing.
[MAYA7.0 / NURBS-Patch, Polygon, Sub-division modeling]
This is my first 3D work. During the month that I worked on this piece, I had to learn how to make a cylinder, a box, basic projection texturing, basic shading, lighting and rendering.
[MAYA, Photoshop / NURBS modeling]
Musical Instrument
I made this for my friend’s recital poster. My friend only gave me a day. When I turned it into a big size image version for print out my friend almost cried out in horror, because it was too big from the original instrument. It was not a guitar but a mandolin. I had no choice but to see the real one, because the reference photos I received from my friend were to weird. But it was printed and it gave a really big laugh to many other co-players.
[MAYA, Photoshop / NURBS modeling]
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